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vetted but please do your own research

Heroes of Astron
Supply - 4400


Heroes of Astron is an NFT project based in Solana's galaxy. HOA is strongly building an organic community focused in the lore, plans and ideas for a project never seen in Solana before. Astron awaits for you.

Fcked Catz
Supply - 1422

Unique PFPs with a strong focus on maximising value for long term holders. Stake for $TUNA to become eligible for BIG Sol payouts through the project's loyalty reward program.

Iconic Ape Club
Supply - 



Screenshot 2022-08-24 at 12.42.40.png

Were Wolf Club
Supply - 2000


The WereWolf Club NFT is an unique PFP Collection 100% Community-Driven with a 2001 NFTs Supply. Dao structure and Deflation Mechanism set. Daily Hodl events. Tier Level rewards. 50% of the royalties goes to the Community. Holding a WereWolf will give you benefits for Phase 3 (3D WereWolves Airdrop).

Gangs of New Pork
Supply - 868


868 Piggy Blinders Living in New Pork City. SWINE Cards: Bingo NFT cards with live streamed games for sol prizes. Sol Casino games, new token and staking protocol launching shortly. Token based raffle system. Mutations

Friendly Fox
Supply - 5000


Owning a Friendly Fox allows you to enter in a top tier DAO with relevant calls analyzed upstream for all types of projects. NFTs giveaways, WL raffles, giveaways, and much much more.

Royal Ivory Club
Supply - TBA


A herd of passionate Elephants were born into the Wild Solana Jungle and through much hardship and suffering have regrouped into the Solana ecosystem.


Leopard Labs
Supply - 1111


After a failed science experiment, 1,111 Super intelligent Leopards break free and are on the loose seeking vengeance... Stake for $LEO / 100% royalties to LeoDAO.

Rich Monkey Island
Supply - 2525


RMI is a collection of unique 2525 NFTs living forever on the solana network, your NFT will not be only a great piece of art but also utility for upcoming play to earn game, launchpad discounts, Stake to earn $RMI tokens that will be used for our all ecosystem

Money Monsters
Supply - 666


Community owned collection which reinvests 100% of project royalties in the community staking wallet.
Collect 10,000 $AMM through staking and exchange for real Solana! (see website for details)

Screenshot 2022-08-10 at 15.19.51.png

Big Bite Collective
Supply - 222


222 randomly generated Shork poker cards swimming around the Solana seas. Come play CardShork in our Discord!

Battle Card Game Minting Soon

Supply - 6666


Our Members won't tolerate paperhands in our community. Each individual NFT that is Minted comes with Special traits that when the owner tries to paperhand the powers of the MooDoo Doll will have serious repercussions. Bare that in mind when joining our Black Magic Society

Prospector Labs
Supply - 

Prospector Labs is the first precious metals dealer in Web3! Offering limited edition, hand poured, and customized silver pieces. Prospector Labs also hosts a supportive community for NFT project founders and their teams, and will be providing day to day project management tools to NFT teams.

Bengal Tigers
Supply - 1971


The FIRST-EVER Historical NFT collection on any Blockchain. Created by the NFT Bangla Launchpad Initiative, each Bengal Tiger NFT contains unique pieces of history. We are the first launchpad aiming to sponsor digital artists shackled in crypto-banned countries. 


The Number Coin
Supply - 666


The number coin is a collection of 666 NFTs on the Solana blockchain, choosing each day 6 winning numbers and granting the owners with daily royalties.

Pup Filthy
Supply - 8,500


Solana's Filthiest Pups on the block - "Ready to make an entrance, so back on up. Cause you know we're bout to rip it up".